Hyde Collection

The Hyde Collection brought Joie's love for fashion and obsession with leather into her own jewelry pieces.  Each pearl is selected and then hand drilled personally by Joie or her sister Dara.  Beautiful, soft, natural leather is used in a variety of colors and knotted to perfection between each pearl, gemstone, or diamond-encrusted component.  

Designs vary from simple chokers to long intricate necklaces with diamonds and statement horn pendants, making them versatile stackable pieces you can wear on every occasion. Layering the simpler short pieces with the longer statement pieces creates a look that goes perfect with a leather jacket and jeans or with a little black dress.

The diamond-studded baroque pearl and silver leather necklace is Joie’s favorite piece. The pearl is studded with diamonds set in sterling silver then strung onto a supple silver leather, creating a very unique jewel that transcends trends. 

But the most popular piece of the Hyde Collection to date remains the long-knotted pearl necklaces. This piece exudes confidence, fun and free-spiritedness, adding an instant funky twist to any classic look. Made with beautiful round freshwater or Tahitian pearl, knotted by hand using leather, this rope necklace can be worn long or wrapped around multiple times for a chunky shorter look.  

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