Rockstar Collection

The Rockstar Collection emulates Joie's inner Rockstar through her use of dark, sparkly and bold gemstones mixed with diamonds, pearls and gold to add that spark that everyone’s inner Rockstar desires.

As a teenager, Joie spent hours laying on her bedroom floor, doodling away while 80’s rock music blasted from her boom box. Years later she would be riding in the car with her favorite tunes and the wind blowing in her face, or  running, headphones on, getting lost in her personal alternative music playlist. This love for rock music also translated into Joie’s sense of fashion as she found herself always reaching for her leather jacket and black booties. Soon this got her wondering of ways to adorn herself while still maintaining her bold edgy look. 

With this in mind, Joie designed the Rockstar collection using darker color tones like black spinel, pyrite, and deep dark pink tourmaline gemstones to compliment her outfits. 

The pyrite Rockstar lariat is the centerpiece of this collection with its pyrite gemstones sparkle mixed with seven large high-quality baroque pearls. The lariat makes a strong statement as the lustrous pearls cascade down from the gemstones and works perfectly with a leather jacket or pant outfit. 

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