The Santorini Sunset Collection captures the essence of the Mediterranean summer Joie experienced on an amazing trip to Santorini, Greece during summer 2021. Inspired and captivated by the most beautiful sunsets bursting with color, Joie uses eye-catching hues of blues, greens, purples, pinks, browns, and yellows mixed with solid gold and diamond accents to mirror colors of the sun setting against the ocean and the landscape's rocky terrain.

Bolder and larger caret size gemstones were introduced into the collection to make a statement like the everlasting one imprinted in her mind of the most spectacular sunset she has ever seen. The Santorini collection also showcases pearls encrusted with colored stones and diamonds. Joie uses smooth and faceted cuts to bring out different color dimensions within the gemstones to help create a magical experience within the jewelry itself.  

A unique view of the volcano backdrop inspired the use of the new necklace design Joie calls the "Pearl Drop."  Big beautiful pearls hanging from ombre gemstones with gold and diamonds, a truly everlasting experience captured within each piece of jewelry. 

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