Magic Garden

It is when recovering from her life-changing accident in 2012 that Joie really slowed down and reconnected with nature and all her surroundings. During her healing, she drew strength and joy from watching the leaves changing shades, the magical sunsets, the chirping of birds and the delicate butterflies floating around. Inspired by these experiences that have taught her how precious life is, Joie designed the Magic Garden Collection to embody her personal journey towards a vibrant and magical place where she is free to let go and be her true self. 

In the Magic Garden Collection, you will discover an encouraging world full of beautiful butterflies, shapes and flowers that represent traits Joie values. The butterfly represents the transformation of life. They also serve to remind us life is so beautiful, yet so short. Flowers represent joy. They ignite our soul through bright colors, velvety textures and sweet scents. 

This is Joie’s most abundant and dynamic collection to date, highlighting her eye for detail, proportion, shape and color. By mixing rainbow gemstones, gold, diamonds, pearls and chains, Joie creates unique pieces of art that can be worn as standalone statements or layering jewelry.

The butterflies and earring jackets were the most challenging pieces in the Magic Garden collection. Each earring jacket is hand bezeled around matching stones, hand selected for perfect quality and color match. Each marquis is a wing, each diamond is the tip of an antenna and each piece can be completely customized from metal color to stone set. They are delicate, stunningly beautiful and versatile. 

The Magic Garden Collection allows Joie to spread love and hope into the universe and encourages us to share the unique life experiences that made us who we are.

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