Luxe Colection

Joie created the Luxe Collection to add another layer of jewelry she has always loved to her line. Inspired by the beautiful gold necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets her mother and grandmother would only wear on the most special occasions, Joie designed unique pieces using solid 14K gold, AAA pearls, diamonds and other beautiful high-end gemstones. This more delicate line is also perfect for layering and pairing with the bolder gemstone and leather collections. 

The Luxe Collection lariats are designed so that they never have to be adjusted - the hanging part of the lariats move freely on a solid gold chain with diamonds bezeled within the chain. This process takes 3-8 months from concept to finish, with multiple tweaks and adjustments until the end result is perfect.  Each necklace can be layered at 14", 15" and 16", making them a versatile, timeless piece of jewelry you will cherish until your last breath.

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